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Lisa’s most requested (and favorite) service is working one-on-with you in your office setting. “You will be amazed at what we can accomplish working together in a focused and organized place!”


Most Requested Presentations


Organize Everyday

Learn the basic principles of organizing everything from your child’s playroom to the company boardroom.


Going Paper…less!

Paper is the #1 contributor to clutter in our lives. The key to improving personal efficiency is to combine technology with organization in a way that reflects a person’s natural organizational personality.


Prioritize! How to Maximize Your Day!

  • Learn how to identify the things that are a priority
  • Develop a feeling of satisfaction of accomplishing daily goals
  • Feel more in control of your day versus your day controlling you


Top 5 Tips to Simplify Your Life”

  • “When did life get so complicated?”
  • “I didn’t get anything done today.”
  • “If people would just stop interrupting me.”
  • “I wish I was more organized like you.”
  • “I’ve spent a fortune on gadgets and planners…nothing works.”

Learn how to work through these 5 common frustrations in order to rid your thoughts of unnecessary time wasters.


Piles and Files

  • Papers can come into our lives with no effort
  • Papers pile up because people delay decisions and because there is no designated place/system for paper to go
  • 82% of the information we keep —either paper or electronic will never be referenced again

This presentation shines the spotlight on ways to help recognize when we keep paper (or any clutter) out of habit or fear, rather than reason.


All workshops will be tailored to the time restraints that are unique to your organization’s expectations. Presentation style is inter-active and thought-provoking with an emphasis on problem solving.

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