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Space | Comments Off on It’s That Simple

It’s That Simple

Do you ever wonder where names come from? How did Uber get named Uber?  What’s the reasoning for branding a coffee shop “Starbucks?” It doesn’t even have “coffee” in the name! Snickers? There’s nothing funny about a million calories in two bites. Still scratching your head over why someone would name a computer company after […]


Space | Comments Off on Garage Organization

Garage Organization

Garages aren’t just for cars anymore. Today, garages are a flex space and everyone in the family uses this area to store things like extra dog and bird food, 20 rolls of paper towels and paint drop cloths, cans of soda and motor oil, shoes of all sizes and hiking boots, along with the traditional […]


Space | Comments Off on Downsizing Starts Now

Downsizing Starts Now

Isn’t it funny how some words can mean different things to different people? Recently, a message appeared, “If you don’t like the application, change the definition.” While some people resist the word “declutter,” let’s substitute the word “downsize.” Basically, with the help of a little stretch of the imagination, when you remove stuff that’s no […]


Space | Comments Off on ABC’s of Clutter

ABC’s of Clutter

Here we are a few weeks into 2017 and chances are some things have yet to be crossed off your to-do list. Do those things contain words like “organizing,” “downsizing,” “cleaning out,” and “decluttering?” While those tasks may be at the top of your mental list, you may be slow on where or how to […]


Space | Comments Off on Tips to Un-decorate

Tips to Un-decorate

Taking down all the holiday decorations may be the furthest thing from your mind, especially if you haven’t even started to hang the first strand of tinsel! However, “what goes up, must come down” and now’s the time to think about how you’ll repack all the stockings, wreaths, and ornaments so that next year’s decorating […]


Space | Comments Off on Post Jurassic Park

Post Jurassic Park

With a blink of the eye, “what’s old is new again.” Or is it? Maybe you’re telling yourself that because something is still in good shape, or was a great price, or one day you’ll be able to zip up those pants! When you look around your home, office, and closets, what do you see […]


Space | Comments Off on Share the Love

Share the Love

Every day, when we see a need in our community, manpower, money, and prayers are graciously given. An outpouring of love is shown whether we are dealing with Mother Nature’s devastation, a friend dealing with sickness, or a school food drive. While cash is always welcomed, there are many things we can contribute on a […]


Space | Comments Off on Tackling Paper

Tackling Paper

Anyone who’s earning a paycheck knows the correlation between their money and what is owed to Uncle Sam. April 15th is as well-known as December 25th in every household. Just like the organization at the holidays with ornaments, gifts, and decorations, April has its own special “organization” as we often find ourselves dealing with lots […]


Space | Comments Off on Spring Cleaning 101

Spring Cleaning 101

Isn’t it funny that the term “spring cleaning” is used all year long? It’s not limited to March and April; it’s more descriptive of the action versus the calendar. While it’s simple to understand what it means to “spring clean,” it truly is easier said than done! Who wants to be indoors putting away boots […]


Space | Comments Off on Maintaining Your Space

Maintaining Your Space

We all have limits for the amount of space in our homes, offices, and brains. Every month we talk and act upon ways to ease clutter in our lives and simplify our daily routine. While you may have made progress in cleaning out the garage, there’s a component to “stuff” that we can’t control, and […]