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Productivity | Comments Off on Organizing Mobile Clutter

Organizing Mobile Clutter

School’s back in full force and calendars are filling up with practices, games, and after school activities. Weekends are planned with Friday night football, tailgating and church picnics. With today’s hectic lifestyles, we often find ourselves in our cars more than at our desks or in our homes. No longer is the family vehicle used […]


Productivity | Comments Off on No Prescription Needed

No Prescription Needed

Chances are high that the majority of people have a “love/hate” relationship with their phone, tablets, and watches. While the devices are promoted as making our lives easier, being connected 24/7 has its downsides that goes beyond the social aspect. Doctors now are learning all these screens are causing long-term effects on our bodies, too. […]


Productivity | Comments Off on Second Chances

Second Chances

“You never have a second chance to make a first impression!” Or do you? Do you ever replay the last few meetings with prospects or clients and wonder, “How did I do?” Did you present yourself so they’ll want to do future business with you, or was the impression you left forgettable? Now flip the […]


Productivity | Comments Off on What Did You Say?

What Did You Say?

At a recent workshop at a local university, there was a lack of understanding with the majority of second-year students on the subject of “people skills.” When the topic turned to effective communication, the overall conclusion was texting was the preferred method to convey your thoughts and needs. Their surveys showed most didn’t consider any […]


Productivity | Comments Off on Maybe Isn’t An Option

Maybe Isn’t An Option

How many times do you hear maybe when you ask for someone’s time, energy, or attention? How often have you been the one saying maybe in order to avoid saying no? When you answer maybe for an invitation to an event, meeting, or request, what you’re really doing is avoiding making a firm decision of […]


Productivity | Comments Off on #EmailMatters


Avenues of communication grow each day with the multiple ways we connect: text, phone, snail mail, email, Skype, Goggle Hangout, numerous social media apps, and losing popularity, but still hanging in there, is face-to-face live conversation. While it may be fun to add emoji icons to your texts and Instagram posts, email still rules the […]


Productivity | Comments Off on Smart Goals!

Smart Goals!

As we turn the pages of the calendar and welcome in 2016, a renewed energy explodes when we think about January. A new month and year is often looked to as a fresh start, a time when we get serious about creating better habits, erasing past beliefs, and embedding consistency into our plans. Gym memberships […]


Productivity | Comments Off on Hassle-Free Holidays

Hassle-Free Holidays

Psst … want to know an easy way to reduce chaos and stress this holiday season? It comes down to a simple word: Plan. Plan for the things that are important to you and to your family in ways of celebrations, budgets, volunteer commitments, and traditions. While during other months of the year you may […]


Productivity | Comments Off on Less Gifts, More Experiences

Less Gifts, More Experiences

When holiday music hits the radio waves, it’s hard not to think about your gift list and the fact that is gets harder and harder to fill every year. You try to justify more toys, a picture frame, or another Keurig in a new color even though the “old color” still works just fine. You […]


Productivity, Time | Comments Off on Rebounding From The Stretch

Rebounding From The Stretch

Remember the rubber action figure Gumby? You could pull it in a million different directions and it would bounce back to its original shape. Have you ever thought of yourself as Gumby? Is your “to do” list is a mile long? Are people tugging at you from all directions, yet you’re not bouncing back? No […]