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Fake News

Have you ever questioned yourself about “who do you listen to?” With the bombardment of social media, it’s a slippery slope on fact versus opinion and the difference can get very blurry. Think about who you hang around with most. Typically, they have the most influence over you … your decisions, your thoughts, your actions, […]


It’s That Simple

Do you ever wonder where names come from? How did Uber get named Uber?  What’s the reasoning for branding a coffee shop “Starbucks?” It doesn’t even have “coffee” in the name! Snickers? There’s nothing funny about a million calories in two bites. Still scratching your head over why someone would name a computer company after […]


Small Stuff

The definition of procrastination is “putting off what you don’t want to do.” The Latin version describes it as “in favor of tomorrow.” Another search brought up “to delay something that must be done, often because it is unpleasant or boring.” The official Procrastination Equation’s definition is “an exclusively negative phenomenon.” None of this sounds […]


Organizing Mobile Clutter

School’s back in full force and calendars are filling up with practices, games, and after school activities. Weekends are planned with Friday night football, tailgating and church picnics. With today’s hectic lifestyles, we often find ourselves in our cars more than at our desks or in our homes. No longer is the family vehicle used […]


Celebrate a Dead Battery

The last time this subject appeared here was two years ago, yet this topic creates conversations much more often than every two years—more like every two days. The discussion centers on how connected we are to our phones, computers, and devices. Even in two short years, we’ve added another means of communicating that’s a much […]


Garage Organization

Garages aren’t just for cars anymore. Today, garages are a flex space and everyone in the family uses this area to store things like extra dog and bird food, 20 rolls of paper towels and paint drop cloths, cans of soda and motor oil, shoes of all sizes and hiking boots, along with the traditional […]


No Prescription Needed

Chances are high that the majority of people have a “love/hate” relationship with their phone, tablets, and watches. While the devices are promoted as making our lives easier, being connected 24/7 has its downsides that goes beyond the social aspect. Doctors now are learning all these screens are causing long-term effects on our bodies, too. […]


Second Chances

“You never have a second chance to make a first impression!” Or do you? Do you ever replay the last few meetings with prospects or clients and wonder, “How did I do?” Did you present yourself so they’ll want to do future business with you, or was the impression you left forgettable? Now flip the […]


Finding Time

Do you find yourself trying to find things throughout your day? Things like time to start or finish a project, time to plan for an upcoming meeting, time to follow-up with clients, time to write a few thank you notes, time to sit with an dear friend and catch up, time to visit family, go […]


Downsizing Starts Now

Isn’t it funny how some words can mean different things to different people? Recently, a message appeared, “If you don’t like the application, change the definition.” While some people resist the word “declutter,” let’s substitute the word “downsize.” Basically, with the help of a little stretch of the imagination, when you remove stuff that’s no […]