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About Me

SimpleWorks came about because I believe we have made things too hard.  It has been my life long mission to help you get organized…no matter if it is with the million of things you need to do each day, creating a more pleasant workspace, or decluttering your brain!.  Sometimes we are so busy updating our ‘status’ we forget how to live in the moment! It’s time to breathe, ask yourself hard questions, and accept what you are willing to change in order to simplify your life.

I have more than 20 years of experience sharing organizational systems and habits that help people find ways to maximize time, space and productivity…at home and at the office.  Through interactive seminars and one-on-one consulting, I encourage my clients to turn a disorganized space and life into an efficient, stress-free environment using simple time-tested principles that create order and focus. I know what it is like to juggle, prioritize, and yes, sometimes struggle with only 24 hours in a day.

My monthly column “The Simple Life” appears in “Shelby Living” magazine and the Shelby County Reporter. A few of my clients include Mary Kay Cosmetics, Colonial Bank, Protective Life, and St. Vincent’s Hospital.

What I enjoy most is working one on one–pushing up our sleeves and digging in to tackle the issues of paper, clutter and overwhelm that haunt you.  But the very best part—taking out the “stuff” that has invaded your space.  Simple…works!